Quick NODE Demo site exposed to Internet…


Simplest option ever: local tunnel

Even if you have a dynamic IP, or you’re under a NAT, you can deploy your app and serve the requests right from your computer using a local tunnel.  This option is suited for some quick testing, demo a product or sharing of an app with a very small group of people.

A very nice tool for this, available on all platforms, is ngrok.
Using it, you can just type ngrok PORT and the PORT you want is exposed to the internet. You will get a ngrok.io domain, but with a paid subscription you can get a custom URL as well as more security options (remember that you are opening your machine to the public Internet).

Another service you can use is https://github.com/localtunnel/localtun

FORCE NPM to use latest version of TYPESCRIPT

Re posted from: http://www.davevoyles.com/2016/02/14/how-to-force-npm-to-look-for-the-latest-version-of-typescript/



I recently started using TypeScript for a new project, and hit a few snags along the way. The first of which, was that my local project was using an older version of TypeScript, specifically . This was odd, because I had just installed the latest version of TypeScript, but globally and locally.

I searched around and found this answer on StackOverflow, which was identical to my own problem.

What it came down to was my PATH environment variable was wrong. Windows was constantly referencing an older version of TypeScript which was previously installed on the machine.

I used windows explorer (just hit the win key) and navigated to this address:

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SDKsTypeScript

From there, you’ll see several TypeScript folders. Simply rename the oldest version to


After that,check for the version of node you are using in your project, and it should reflect this change and now find the latest version installed.