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Senior software developer and team lead with over 20 years in .Net Development. Broad knowledge of various IT department functional needs and over 4 years experience with remote development teams and management of the teams with Visual Studio Online. In 2014 I achieved SCRUM Master Certification and our development teams use an Agile Scrum process for development. During the past few years I have been mentoring new developers on our team and driving our R&D group to adopt TDD practices.

GitHub Repohttps://github.com/wlafrance/


November 2015 – Present

Job Corps

Senior Developer

Currently working with team members to modernize legacy applications at a rapid clip. To that end, we are leaning heavily on Octopus Deploy, Team City and Team Foundation Server to accomplish push button deployments from development, quality assurance, staging and production server environments (Dev/Ops).
Part of the modernization effort has also included adding tokenized authentication using IdentityServer3 technologies. This is something most consumers are familiar with when they are asked if they want to use their Facebook account to login to a third party site.
A major effort nearing completion was moving away from Oracle Sybase to MS SQL Server which required a significant coding effort in our data access layer. This effort could have had a potentially large breaking of existing functionality, but I leaned heavily on unit and integration testing to ensure data integrity and UIX were not jeopardized.

Basic Job Description: Translate requirements and use cases into functional MVC and/or Angular driven views.
Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable directives and services.
Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications.
Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems.
Help maintain code quality, organization, and testing automation.
Collaborate with a UI/UX designer to implement user friendly designs.
Work with other developers to integrate front end with a Microsoft Web API back end.  Apply design and architectural patterns to write modular code.

October 2005 – November 2015

Hayes Software, Inc. | Austin, Texas

Senior Systems Architect / Developer

Hayes Software Inc. uses the AGILE SCRUM process for software development coupled with Visual Studio Online Team. Note: In the past we had used Rally Project Management Tools. They currently use the following technologies: Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 Professional Edition, Team Foundation Server 2012 which we moved to Visual Studio Online, SQL SERVER 2008 R2, 2012, Active Reports, Telerik Dev Toolsets, MVC 4.5 while new to our shop has proven to help in our TDD efforts, Fiddler, Entity Framework, IIS, various XML tools, RedGate Database tools, RedGate Performance & Memory Profiler tools, and several other minor tools for our development. Our primary coding language is C# and VB for our legacy code applications. I work with all of the above products mentioned and with the various flavors of the ASP.NET Frameworks.

March 2005 – October 2005

Barrister, Inc. | New Orleans, Louisiana

Systems Architect / Developer

Due to the natural disaster of Katrina in New Orleans, this position ended as the company could not afford a full-time programming staff.

I developed a Web-Service interface for vendors to communicate with our Database systems using Visual Studio.NET VB.  I have converted MS Access VBA code into SQL SEVER Data Transformation Services, which parsed various FTP files and imported the data into our SQL SERVER.  In general, I was responsible for migrating MS Access Database Systems to a three-tier robust enterprise solution using VB.NET, SQL SERVER, MS VISUAL STUDIO, and ASP.NET technologies for web integration.

December 2000 – March 2005

L3 Communications (Government Services), INC. | New Orleans

Systems Architect / Developer

Influential in designing, programming & implementation of Plumtree Portal Software for the NAVAL SEA SYSTEM COMMAND (NAVSEA) contract for the PMS-317 (LPD-17 +) WEB PORTAL INITIATIVE, which allows access to program related data at dispersed geographical locations, including real-time shipboard access.

Implemented first of its kind web portal showing RED,YELLOW and GREEN indicators per ship section as it related to the progress of the construction of the compartments key systems. This web tool allowed the teams to report and get real time data on the progress to completion and other ship yard critical data.

Analyst software developer for Integrated Product Data Environment (IPDE) for government PMS-317 program focusing on creating reporting tools focused on Production L.E.A.M. Management for NAVSEA Plumtree Portal.

Worked closely with NAVY MARINE CORPS INTRANET (NMCI) on government regulations to help PMS-317 program to successfully integrate NMCI contract requirements.  ( i.e. SYSTEM SECURITY AUTHORIZATION AGREEMENT (SSAA). (https://nmci.navair.navy.mil/)

MS Applications Consultant and Developer

December 1999 – December 2000

Louisiana.Com | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Junior Developer

Design and develop database driven web-sites. Using key Windows technologies such as SQL Server 7 / 2000.
Intergrated Backend Intranet into Louisiana.com

May 1998 – December 1999

Woman’s Hospital | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Applications Trainer / Developer

Organized, prepared and conducted training classes in Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, hospital General User training orientation, and Meditech application classes as needed for information systems or user personnel.

Assisted employees hospital-wide on the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows, and/or Meditech applications as directed by manager.

Supported use of Computer Based Assessment software by scheduling appointments, answering questions and providing technical assistance when needed.

Developer Responsibilities
Assisted in the development of applications for existing software based on multidisciplinary team needs.
Document / resolve software problems concerning Meditech & various Microsoft Applications.
Tasked to modify software procedures to solve complex reporting problems via automation.
Responsible for coding, report design, testing, and documentation of assigned projects.

Completed Projects:
Implementation of online registration system using Visual Basic with MS Exchange as the back-end coupled with Outlook as the client for the training department.

Designed various MS ACCESS solutions for departments with specific system scope limitations and objectives for report generations.

Designed complex SQL queries that tied into Meditech’s Data Repository for generating reports for management needs.

Developed online computer based assessment (CBA) and training (CBT) system using Macromedia Authorware Attain version 5.

Technology Instructor

December 1996 – May 1998

CompUSA, Inc. (Store # 257) | Baton Rouge, LA.

Coordinated Adult Computer Education Program.

Coordinated Course documentation with national multidisciplinary team.

Implemented training course for new instructors decreasing initial cost of new hires.

Provided support for assigned premier accounts.

System Administer for training department’s servers (Win NT 4X, Lotus Notes and Novell 4.1)


Some College Coursework Completed,

Northeast Louisiana University | Monroe, Louisiana

Associate Degree,

December 1999

Baton Rouge School Of Computers | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Completed course work in Computer Information Systems.



January 2014

Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Professionals have demonstrated experience, documented training, and proven knowledge in the art of Scrum. CSPs challenge their Scrum teams to improve the way Scrum and other Agile methods are implemented for every project.


StructureMap – use for IoC in MVC Intermediate
Angular (2+) Beginner
Development tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Expert
Microsoft Visual Studio C# Expert
Microsoft Project Intermediate
Microsoft SQL Server Developer Expert
Microsoft SQL Server Administrator Intermediate – mostly dev related
MSMQ Intermediate- mostly dev related
Symbol Scanner API Intermediate
Symbol MC 3090 Scanner Device Development Intermediate
Team Foundation Server and service Expert- mostly dev related
Agile Expert
Microsoft ASP.NET Developer Expert
Microsoft Internet Information Services Expert
Microsoft Servers (various versions) Expert
Microsoft Source Safe Expert
Macromedia Ultra Dev Studio MX Expert
Microsoft Terminal Services Expert
Crystal Reports Enterprise 9.0 Intermediate
Remote Team Management Intermediate
Microsoft Visual Studio Team Edition 2008 Intermediate
Microsoft MVC, SPA and Angular Intermediate


Created a new green field product for school districts to manage their one student to device initiatives so they can track the status of the device (ipad, tablets and etc.), who has it, if it needs repair and the cost of ownership of that device.


Martin Bandomir – Database Administrator and T-SQL Developer
512-288-5117 (home)
512-787-2210 (cell)
Preferred contact time: after 5 PM for home phone, but anytime on cell (but might not get answered if # not recognized – leave message)
Daniel Cervantes – .NET Developer
HRIS Software Engineer
830-832-3672 (cell)
Preferred contact time: 10 AM – 6PM Monday – Friday
Faraji Anderson -Software Developer / Visual Data Engineer
916-538-8250 (cell)
Preferred contact time: 9 AM – 6PM Monday – Friday
Veronica Brooks Petterson – Personnel Friend
Real estate Agent
512-373-6951 (cell)
Laura Sager
Hayes Software Systems, R&D Vice President (contact data upon request)
Jim Murphy
Lead Production Manager, Department of the Navy: NAVSEA
Shawn Carlson
Engineering Project Manager L3 (CSM) at Perceptive Software, L3 (CSM)
Marlon Santos
Software Engineer, Dell


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