For a friend who needed to know how to check if two dates in Sybase ASE 12 are a year apart.

A JavaScript Solution

Add moment.js lib

// TODO: Validate if date diff is no more than 1 year
var startSepDt = moment($('#startDateSep').val());
var endSepDt = moment($('#sendDateSep').val());
var dateDiff = endSepDt.diff(startSepDt, 'year');
if (dateDiff > 1) 
       showInValidSeasrchWarning('The date range cannot exceed a year.');
       return false;


A SQL Solution

-- DATEDIFF two dates 1 year apart
DECLARE @year1 datetime, @year2 datetime
SET @year1 = DATEADD(year,-1,GetDate())
SET @year2 = GetDate()
SELeCT @year1, @year2, datediff(year,@year1,@year2) 
if( datediff(year,@year1,@year2) <= 1 AND datediff(dd,@year1, @year2) <= 365 )
print 'Hurray! Within one year..'
print ':( Difference is more than a year'