RPGnet Newsletter #115
November 7, 2017

SubFora You Might Have Missed

The last couple of weeks have brought several structural changes to the RPGnet Forums that we all know and love. Rather than look at particular threads, we’ll take a moment this week to describe the new and rearranged subfora.

The Starting Gate: New Player/GM Help provides a tightly-focused, friendly place for folks new to either RPGs in general or the majesty and wonder of GMing in particular to come for advice. Be sure to take a look at The Starting Gate Rules and Guidelines before diving in.

What was “Let Me Tell You About My Character” is now Let Me Show You What I Made, which is the now-broader subforum for showing off or collaborating on all of the brilliant homebrewed RPG characters, settings, and other creative endeavors that populate the RPGnet forums. [101] threads also belong here.

Speaking of brilliant creations, consider joining the new Cosplay and Crafts subforum to discuss, admire, and share all of your more physical creative endeavors.

New Columns

Two weeks means two new comics from Christopher Cecil for his Fuzzy Thinking series: “Child of Destiny” and “Bad Dice!”

Iustum offered anoter issue of his PbP-focused column Words on a Screen, this time offering advice on “Tips for Designing PbP Scenarios.”

Brent Dedeaux of Tales from the Rocket House continued his look at the mechanics of OSR games in: “Which Bonus Part 2: AC vs HP.”

New Reviews

Nick the Lemming reviewed the first “proper” Cthulhu Confidential scenario, “The House up in the Hills” and noted that it provides a promising start to the line.

Jacob DC Ross reviewed the “Doctor Who Solitaire Storytelling Game, Second Edition,” which brings new mechanics to the classic solo RPG.

Antonios S used his sensors on the “Star Trek Adventures Core Rulebook,” which has strong mechanics and good feel, but is not very newbie-friendly.

Continuing his trip throught the galaxy, Antonios also reviewed several accessory sets related to the base game:

Continuing with game accessories, Antonios reviewed the “Deep-Cut Studio Grass Wargame Terrain Mat (6′ x 4′, mousepad),” which is a super cool, kick-ass mat that will take care of all your plains, grassland and jungle needs.

Antonios also reviewed another expansion for the Campaign Cartographer 3 mapping software, “Tome of Ultimate Mapping 3+,” which expands on the basic material already in the program while keeping everything neat, tidy, and in the same place.

Continuing his look at Freebooter’s Fate sets, Antonios also looked at “Mercenaries (full crew),” which provides several options for filling out other crew lists with the titular characters.

Then, we had two dueling reviews of the vintage RPG Empire of the Petal Throne. StormBringer’s review noted the game’s similarity to Brown Box D&D and it’s friendliness to both new and old players. Haken Kirk’s review provides a more in-depth breakdown of the core book and its various features.

Then, Antonios S was back with a review of “Jeweled Thrones of the Earth,” a supplement to the Modiphius Conan RPG that shows how Conan stories are supposed to feel.

Jonathan Hicks reviewed new RPG “Gateway,” which has some flaws in presentation and lacks focus, but holds together as an introductory RPG.

Mario Magallanes took a look at Spanish RPG “La Puerta de Ishtar,” a well-written, workable game that is worth checking out for any Spanish readers with an interest in sword-and-sorcery or Meopotamian mythology.

Ben Riggs reviewed the “Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition Beta Rules,” that may be too complex for reasonable play around the table.

Joe G Kushner wrote up a short review of Vallejo’s “Old & New Wood Effects,” which may help spruce up your miniatures.

Jonathan Hicks reviewed “Fanfare for the Chosen – An Exalted 3rd Edition Music Suite”,” and found it to be an excellent soundtrack for one of the most popular roleplaying games on the market.

Endzeitgeist took a look at “Pergamino Barocco,” a useful, system-agnostic booklet of spells that feel “occult.”

Endzeitgeist also reviewed “Better Than Any Man,” a module for the Lamentations of the Flame Princess (2e) RPG that contains some adult content, but may be the new high-water mark for LotFP modules.

Sign Off

Have a good week, everyone.

  • Iustum
    Newsletter Editor