Tools Needed:


Preheat Griddle to 350 degrees and place cooling rack to the side. If using cast iron use PAM (light coat) or such to keep dough from sticking.


2 3/4 cups wheat flour – all purpose
5 tablespoons of lard – NOT butter, yes lard…
Mix ( start on low speed) above ingredients until beady or about 1.5 minutes.. Not a big deal if this ism’t perfect really.

1/2 cup to 3/4 cup hot water in microwave proof container
3/4 tsp sea salt
Dissolve salt into water after removing from microwave

While blender is on LOW, slowly add hot water mixture until incorperated into flour and kind of forms a ball or feels like play dough.

On clean surface dust with flour.

Pinch small ball (smaller than a golf ball) and gently form into ball.

Place on floured surface and dust a bit more.

Using rolling pin, flatten to desired thickness.. I like mine very thin.

Prepare about 4 and then place 2 on griddle or more if it will hold.  Flip with spatula.

While they are cooking,  form up more balls and roll out flat.  Keep a close eye on the cooking items and flip once they start to blister (puff up a bit) .  Cook the other side for a minute or so or until you think it is ready to remove.  Place on cooling rack and repeat.

Test one to make sure they are cooked enough, if not put it back on the griddle longer.

Yes stacking them on top of each other is fine.

Once they are completely cooled store in refrigerator in gallon zip-lock bag.