Updating from MVC to Causes an error

So you need to update from MVC to MVC or should I say your windows update tool caused you to update.

Refer to this article

Microsoft Asp.Net MVC Security Update MS14-059 broke my build!


Then open package manager for nuget and make sure it is pointed to the correct project..

Usually your root mvc application

Then type in the console :  get-package

It will list out your installed packages

See if your framework number is: 3.0.50813.1 for Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc

if not, then you will need to update your solution projects

The COmmand is:  Install-Package Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc -Version {hit the tab key.. find the version you need – in my case 3.0.50813.1} and select it.. Run it and you should be done…

Note you might get a sql lite issue.. See https://warrenlafrance.com/2016/03/08/sql-lite-error/


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