SQL and Indexed Views

So we have a fairly complex table structure to deal with when it comes to determining how products are moved about a district.  A product can have numerous statuses from in use, available,  in transit and etc.. etc..etc…  Often our business annalist want to know what, when and who — plus a nice report or […]

IOC with WCF…

So if you have used a repository pattern with WCF and tried to run the built-in WCF Client app you most likely have seen this error: The service type provided could not be loaded as a service because it does not have a default (parameter-less) constructor. To fix the problem, add a default constructor to […]

JS Build Automation Tools

$npm install -g gulp $npm install -g bower Verify install $ gulp -v $ bower -v You can also list all global packages installed with NPM $ npm list -g –depth=0 Install packages for a specific project locally CRITICAL MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN YOUR PROJECT FOLDER BEFORE RUNNING LOCAL COMMANDS npm install –save-dev packageName […]