Just a quick little note:

Since I just started working on our line of business application for the Android and Apple Stores I was waiting to see if they would get approved.

Well, Android went well and got approved very quickly and my SPA application was published, showed up as an update and etc.. Very smooth.

Apple was next and it took them almost two weeks before approving the application, but I did not have to resubmit or anything.. First time through and it got approved.  I will share the link, but it will not do you much good unless you are a TIPWEB customer…

TIPWEB-IT 2.9 Line of Business application @ itunes for apple devices link

This project was a bit of a beast since we had initially had other contract developers over the past few years develop the products – a team in Mexico and later a team in India – neither of which had much experience in mobile development using the build once and deploy to many devices techniques.

The code is all over the place and I had to dive deep into jQuery and SPA techniques while learning the Kendo UI and appBuilder platforms.  The appBuilder is a build once and deploy to many platforms technology:  you develop using javascript and mvvm patterns and the appBuilder platform compiles your code into packages for apple, android and windows devices.  Very smooth and easy experience.  As always telerik offer the best support of all the companies I have had the pleasure to work with.

Anyway, this project and coding experience has spurred me into shoring up my java-script skills coupled with learning more about the mvvm patterns on mobile devices.

Good times in coding…