So I have been doing a bunch of work to improve one particular report in our product.  This report is basically a data dump of almost every inventory item a customer might have at there district.  When this report is executed the memory load for this report was about 300 Megs and would linger in memory for 15 minutes before the GC cleared it out.  Well, image several users at that site running this report and you can see it would bring a server to its knees.  My short term target was to get the memory released as quick as possible and the long-term goal is to implement SQL Server Reporting Services on a reporting server.

As of this weekend I have accomplished my first goal.

I used Telerik’s Tracing tools to profile the application to ensure I actually did accomplish my goals.  Take a look…

Click here to view the slides below in power point 2013.







Now after my code updates I have the following results…

I clicked on the Report Link .

This start point was: 16:31:11

The report data began streaming to the IIS Server Memory at: 16:31:56 and 16:32:08

The memory then cleared out a second or two after that.


My next post will go over the steps I used to accomplish this.