Dynamic Search Conditions in T‑SQL

I hate dynamic querys as they are not optimized and a query plan cannot be cached…. Example: Sql = some dyanamic sql string built via if logic… Exec(sql) – will not cache an query execution plan. In MS Sql   sp_executesql caches query plans – very cool… Really though, try to avoid them if possible….   […]

FORCE NPM to use latest version of TYPESCRIPT

Re posted from: http://www.davevoyles.com/2016/02/14/how-to-force-npm-to-look-for-the-latest-version-of-typescript/   I recently started using TypeScript for a new project, and hit a few snags along the way. The first of which, was that my local project was using an older version of TypeScript, specifically . This was odd, because I had just installed the latest version of TypeScript, but globally and locally. […]